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We have acoustic panels for all environments including home, office, cinema, schools and much more! Made from 60% recycled pet (from used plastic bottles) 100% recyclable at end of life.

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Acoustic wall panels are an excellent solution for dealing with reverberation and excessive noise issues in a wide variety of spaces.

Acoustic art panels uk. A painted or preferably fabric faced panel system is ideal for areas where there is an echo and reverberation problem. They work in the exact same manner as the rest of our acoustic products. We supply and install printed acoustic panels.

Access to ten exclusive works of art by abstract artist swarez. These can create a stunning effect to any room where there is a reverberation issue. Perfect for use in existing or new build projects, solo™ panels are suspended rafts which offer a simple, flexible way to improve a room’s acoustics.

3d chessboard sound diffuser, acoustic panel, wooden wall mosaic ,art decor tiles, 100% handmade, quality, dcwoodiesheed £ 16.00 free uk delivery Goodsound ltd printed art acoustic wall panels offer a fabric faced panel solution for areas where there is an echo and reverberation problem. Utilising the best in print technologies and long ink life.

We can incorporate elegant art onto our acoustic wall panels. Add style to your space and reduce noise at the same time with acoustic art. Give new purpose to hanging wall art, and add style to your space while you reduce noise at the same time with acoustic art panels.

Goodsound ltd printed art acoustic wall panels are sound absorbing panels with an upholstered image applied to the face. Versatile panels made from compressed polyester available in a variety of colours. Solo is a tried and tested acoustic solution which has been used in projects across the uk and ireland.

Designed and manufactured in the uk. Coated in a special fabric, they are available in 63 different colours, can be cut into almost any shape or size,. Your chosen artwork design is then printed onto the fabric.

Boardrooms, function centres, reception areas, commercial foyers, etc. Contact us to get a quote or to arrange a. Affordable way to include unique art in into built environments.

A choice of 2 fixings included. In addition to an unlimited library of shapes and sizes, a vast range of fabric colours from the camira blazer©, blazer lite©, cara©, lucia,© rivet© and synergy© ranges means endless visual design possibilities when it comes to acoustic wall panels. Choose from our library of contemporary images featuring a wide variety of fresh artwork styles, including nature art, abstract art, architectural art, landscapes, figurative art and quirky illustrations.

Get information about buying the best sound absorbing art panels for your restaurant, office, recording studio, movie theater, or listening room. Using a fully digital print process which can produce millions of colors, our acoustic art panels have the same quality craftsmanship and absorption performance as our trademark acoustic panels, with unlimited aesthetic and decorative potential. These attractive panels allow the deployment of attractive stylised panels, designed to minimise reverberation times acting as sound absorbent surfaces.

These acoustic wall and ceiling panels and doors help to reduce noise problems such as echo and reverberation and sound transmission. Echopro premium sound absorbing acoustic panels are a premium product that can be used on walls and ceiling to greatly control the sound in a room. Choose from hundreds of stock artwork image.

What if a piece of art could actually be a cleverly concealed acoustic solution? Acoustic panels are absorption products that are utilized to control noise, eliminate slap echo and control comb filtering in any interior environment, usually hanging on the walls or ceiling. We worked our way around this and have created acoustic wall art.

Clients can provide their own image or select one from our image library. Acoustic artpanels are manufactured with a robust acoustic core and a rigid framework which protects the panel edges. Up to 90% (class a) sound absorbency.

We offer a range of over 5000 images giving a wide choice of pictures that can be used but we can use your own business images as. Acousticpanels.co.uk offers an excellent range of products, available in different colours, shapes, and sizes to suit your project needs at the click of a button. Images can be installed as panels or as a large seamless image creating greater visual impact.

Many sizes and orientations available. The objective of acoustic sound panels is to enhance the properties of sound inside the room by removing frequencies that build up naturally due to the shape of the room. The result is a range of acoustic panels that will not only provide a powerful visual statement on walls and ceilings, but will improve sound quality in interior spaces such as:

Available in a range of sizes and colour palettes. Process of an art acoustic panel 朗朗朗 order your acoustic treatment from ashwood acoustic panels now!! As stunning as our other acoustic panel products look, some aren’t keen on the idea of panels of a single colour.

Affordable gallery quality soundproofing canvas art that reduces noise, we call our acoustic art panels, come in multiple sizes and orientations available. Acoustic art panel acoustic performance Soundsorba acoustic products include sound absorbing panels, acoustic wall and ceiling tiles, acoustic doors, acoustic diffusers, acoustic fabric, sound absorbers and sound absorbing foam.

Panels can be cut into almost any shape, allowing for limitless acoustic design possibilities.

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