Protein Cake Bites Review

Each cake has 20 grams. The strongest element of this bites’ flavor is a really wonderful buttercream finish that leaves your mouth creamy and clean with a whisper of sweetness.

Optimum Nutrition Protein Cake Bites Box of 12 for 10

Each of them contains 20 g of protein and less than 250 calories.

Protein cake bites review. Optimum nutrition cake bites are high in protein and contain less than 5 grams of sugar. Better bites cake bites are baked without the top 8 allergens. These cake bites try to go the more “natural route” with their colorings by using spirulina extract, red cabbage extract, turmeric extract, and radish extract which i appreciate.

Also, they are available in exciting and delicious flavors. Additionally, i broke down their nutrition, textures, pros, cons, and the price that come along. New recipe, taste and texture!

Going over these stats, there are a few negatives that i can see: I can't wait to try the other flavors. The protein nature bites are, in fact, a lot like optimum nutrition’s popular and internationally available protein cake bites.

Just protein bars in a circle. These cake bites are nutritionally sound and taste like a true dessert. Optimum nutrition optimum nutrition protein cake bites/whipped protein bars, birthday cake (9 count of 2.22 oz packs), 19.98 oz.

Our protein cake bites review offers you a vivid idea about on protein cake bites in this small pros and cons section. Protein cake bites contain 20 grams of protein per serving, which is three cakes, making them the perfect option for those who want a new way to maintain their protein needs. As mentioned at the beginning of our review, battle oats’ battle bites live up to the hype and deliver a protein bar experience that’s better than we could’ve expected.

Summarizing, a serving of optimum nutrition cake bites (red velvet flavor) has 230 calories, including 7 grams of fat (4g saturated fat), 22 grams of carbohydrates, zero fiber, 5 grams sugar, and 20 grams of protein. My bigger concern with these cake bites are 2 ingredients; See more ideas about protein cake, protein cake bites, snacks.

Ad save big on optimum nutrition cake bites, protein almonds, and more now at m&s! But be sure to leave your own rating and review below when you try this product! With this extra boost in protein, users can continue reaching their fitness goals.

Cake bites is an anytime snack for active adults looking for tasty new ways to get quality protein. The round sprinkles on top add a nice crunch and even though there is a bit of protein flavor the whole experience feels more pastry shop authentic than most protein bars. Deliciously whipped snack for muscle recovery support.

It helps others make an informed purchasing decision. The consistency in each of the flavors makes sure you’re not left chewing longer than you want and you get a good amount of flavor with most of the options, especially the birthday cake and candy cane. “chocolate cake is my weakness and lil buff protein cocoa crave cake allows me to satisfy my sweet tooth without sacrificing my fitness goals.

Not bad, but not great. It's nothing like a cake. I wish these was more like a soft and moist cake.

Cake bites are a deliciously whipped snack with rich frosted coating offers the ideal combination of muscle supporting protein, taste and convenience. These cake bites are dipped in a frosted coating having a rich whipped center. Optimum nutrition cake bites benefits & pros.

And with absolutely no sacrifice to taste. Flavor is basically the icing in the outside for the birthday cake flavor. Go ahead, treat yourself without cheating yourself.

Have your cake and protein too. Pictures make them look like a fluffy cake but they are chewy and dense. It will probably take me awhile to get through the box as i am already passing them up for other options.

Ad save big on optimum nutrition cake bites, protein almonds, and more now at m&s! Don’t reach for the mud cake at night, enjoy a high protein optimum protein cake and instead of cheating on your diet, have something. Equally as important as the amount of protein amounts in protein cake bites is the taste of the little treats.

In this review, i objectively tried multiple protein cake bite flavors and ranked them out of 10. I personally really like the peanut butter chocolate cake bites. These protein packed cake bites will be sure to get your mouth watering without destroying your diet.

This protein cake is soft and chewy. A 60 gram serving of 3, gives you a satisfying treat for under 250 calories. We have the ingredients, nutrition info, and more.

Indulgent, satisfying whipped cakes that pack 20 grams of protein per serving of 3 cakes. This cake is moist, fluffy, rich, and tastes like heaven!”. Follow us for deals, recipes, & more.

Just looking at the macronutrients, these bites do seem reasonable for a snack. Optimum nutrition cake bites are indulgent, decadent and of course, delicious whipped high protein cakes that a not only light in texture but also light on the calories as well. Enjoy on the go, at the gym, before or after exercise, between meals.

They are a good source of protein.

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