5 reasons why roses are better than other flowers

Ever wondered why Roses are more popular than other flowers? well, since the start of human civilization, Roses have been used in different forms by mankind for almost any kind of celebration be it for marriage, child naming ceremony, felicitation of heroes or for paying tribute to the dead.

One single red rose possess myriad feelings of the giver and the taker. Nowadays roses can be sent easily at the touch of a button like online flower delivery in Lahore. Here we look at the five reasons why roses are preferred over other flowers.

Huge variety of roses
a distinctive factor which makes roses more popular and in demand is due to the variety that it offers. Roses are more than a hundred types of different sizes and shapes, bearing different fragrance and each one symbolizing something different and unique. A wide range of roses are found in white, pink, blue, orange, yellow, black purple and many more hues, each one having its own meaning and relevance. For example, the white rose symbolizes purity while the orange Rose represent gratitude. Yellow for friendship and pink for joy. Red rose is the ultimate as it symbolizes love, romance, passion and affection.

Easy availability
Roses are found almost anywhere in the world as it is easy to grow. Due to its easy cultivation and accessibility roses are in high demand .People always prefer a bouquet of roses be it for wedding, anniversary, party or lunch. Nowadays florist’s supply almost any kinds of flowers at your doorstep by virtue of online flower delivery in Lahore. You can easily send flowers to Lahore to a cousin or to a friend in Canada through the various online flower stores.

Roses come in handy no matter what the occasion is. A rose can always be used alongside any other flower as it gels easily in any environment or theme. Also, roses are pocket friendly and everyone can send flowers to Lahore or just a single rose to send an apology to a friend or to present it to the bride and the groom or simply give the beloved to express one’s love.

Beauty of the rose
The rose is undoubtedly the prettiest of all flowers. No other flower can match the beauty that a rose has to offer .Even if ages pass, the rose will undoubtedly rule over all other flowers.

Roses offer healing and other health benefits
a rose can make even enemies the best of friends, make a dead relationship alive, soothe a troubled mind, foster friendship and love, rekindle the romance in a loveless marriage, bring happiness on the face of a tired traveler and so on. Roses are supposed to treat a variety of skin diseases. Rose oil is us in the making of perfumes. Rose water and rose syrup are used in the preparation of food. Rose petals are also used in d making of jam.

With all its benefits it is no surprise that a flower is synonymous to a rose The first thing that comes to mind when talking about a flower is rose. It is by far one of the best creations of nature.