New Rulers of The World

The New Rulers of the World (2002) is a documentary film by John Pilgers [biography on wikipedia], a leading Australian journalist working in England.  From various experiences and being a living witness to the events he covered, he raised the spirit of John Pilgers' conscience to expose all injustices, especially those committed by America and its allies (including Britain and Australia where he was born and lived).

This film tells the story of globalization which is designed to benefit developed countries with the main theme being slave labor and foreign debt.  Pilgers said that this was the era of the new rulers of the world, especially the impact on a country: Indonesia.

Regarding labor, Pilgers explained the dire conditions of factory workers in Indonesia who work in multinational companies (MNC = multinational companies) such as Nike, Adidas, GAP, while on the other hand MNC companies and distributors in developed countries reap huge profits.

In the case of foreign debt, John Filger explained how foreign debt has ensnared Indonesia to become a debtor country (ideally throughout time) since the Soeharto regime.  For that matter, Pilgers conducted direct interviews with IMF and World Bank (WB) officials.  He questioned the reason why these financial institutions continue to provide loans to a regime that is clearly corrupt and with a non-transparent mechanism.

What is clear from this policy is that the World Bank and creditor countries have benefited greatly from this non-transparent and legally flawed mechanism through projects undertaken by multinational companies from their respective home countries.  So, even though the WB and the creditor countries lend 100%, in fact most of the money is used to create jobs for the creditor countries and only about half of the borrowed money actually goes to these poor countries.

Globalization hidden facts:

• About 10% of the world's population enjoys and owns 90% of the world's wealth, while the remaining 90% of the world's population has to grab 10% of the money to support their families.

• The total wealth of a small group of people in power is greater than the total wealth of the entire population of the African continent.

• A quarter (1/4) of the world's economic activities can be controlled by only 200 MNC companies.