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Very typically hong kong, apartments are not very spacious. I love dessert and cafe.

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This mango mille crepe cake layered with mango, crepes, fresh cram and sponge cake.

Matcha crepe cake melbourne. The crepe cakes are rich and dense, and extremely delicious. It's a great matcha experience worthy of its price tag, although one which i hope won't become a habit. The only thing that makes up for ours is the gorgeous harbor view.

Well, i used to have cookie and cake for dinner and maybe that. Matcha mille crepe cake 抹茶ミルクレープケーキ just one cook lady m cake boutique kirbie s cravings lady m mille crepe cakes as the modern day breakfast at tiffany s No matter how full i am, i always manage to finish the whole cake for dessert.

A light sakura pink colour cream decorate with some fruits and flowers make this crepe cake look so delicious and gorgeous. 18 cm / 7 inches round. 40 layers of crêpes (serves 35 standard serves.

It is pleasantly bitter and is balanced out well by the sweetness without being overly sugary. Best matcha for big matcha fans. Also fathers day decorated cakes!

While i was a bit disappointed with the drink, which were artificial and sickly sweet, the cake selection made up for any sadness. Starting from $250 bottom tier : Jinda thai 1 ferguson street abbotsford, victoria 3067.

The latte has a strong, distinct flavour of matcha and is creamy in both flavour and texture. Signature double tier mille crepe cake. Or approx 58 dessert serves)

Durian crepe, matcha & red bean crepe, oreo crepe, milk tea lychee crepe, rose cheese crepe, kahlutella crepe ———(18cm cake, 1/2 or 1/4 to choose) chiffon: Choose an option 18cm (whole) 1/2 size 1/4 size. Taro chiffon, chestnut chiffon, black forest chiffon, strawberry chiffon, hazelnut chocolate coffee chiffon, black sesame peanut chiffon,caramel walnut coffee chiffon ——— (18cm cake, 1/2 or 1/4 to choose)

The most classic variety on sale is the rainbow crepe cake, but we must say that the strawberry, oreo and rose versions also strike our fancy. It offers wonderfully creamy matcha lattes as well as slices of mille & b’s matcha adzuki crêpe cake. I don’t mind the small space as much but what i miss is a fully equipped kitchen.

We have second home in hong kong where my husband is based for his work. Hand made crepe cake with aaa grade green tea from japan and sweetened red beans. Hand made crepes with ros’e & dragon fruit flavours cream layers and pomegranate cheese layers together create a slightly sour and floral taste.

20 cm/ 8 inches round. Matcha crepe cake $7.00 taro crepe cake $7.00 drinks famous iced milk tea $6.00 coke $3.00 coke no sugar $3.00 sprite $3.00 lemon lime bitter freshly made $5.00 coconut crushed $6.00 lychee crushed $6.00 location & hours. Add to cart $65.00 ex tax:

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