Wins on penalties against Sweden, Canada wins women's soccer gold

Canada's first gold medal in in women's soccer Olympics.

#Tokyo2020 The Canadian team won the women's soccer gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics after winning 3-2 on penalties against Sweden after the final drew 1-1 at Yokohama International Stadium, Kanagawa, Friday.

Sweden took the lead through Stina Blackstenius until halftime before Jessie Fleming's penalty put Canada level in normal time and extra time ended.

The penalty shootout was tough until six executioners from both teams got their turn. While Sweden's sixth kicker Jonna Andersson failed to do his job, Julia Grosso was able to find the ball into the net to ensure Canada won gold, the official Olympic website notes.

Canada almost opened the scoring when the game had lasted just seven minutes, unfortunately Vanessa Gilles' header in a corner was still wide.

Sweden threatened back three minutes later, but Magdalena Eriksson's strike still missed the mark, then in the 17th minute Fridolina Rolfo's long-range shot was parried by Canadian goalkeeper Stephanie Labbe.

Labbe again showed his ability to secure the Canadian goal from Sofia Jakobsson's header in the 29th minute.

Five minutes later Sweden's attempt finally paid off when Kosovare Asllani stabbed in from the right and sent in a pull-back which was completed by Stina Blackstenius to open up a 1-0 lead over Canada.

The advantage that lasted until halftime made Sweden appear confident and tried to control the game after the break, unfortunately Filippa Angeldal's long-range shot did not threaten the Canadian goal enough.

Canada had a golden opportunity when referee Anastasia Pustoivota pointed to the spot following a VAR review of Armanda Ilestedt's foul on Christine Sinclair in the Swedish box in the 65th minute.

Jessie Fleming took advantage of the opportunity, who became the executioner and tricked goalkeeper Hedvig Lindahl to make Canada equalize 1-1.

The goal seemed to be the momentum for Canada's revival which almost turned the lead five minutes later, unfortunately Desiree Scott's long-range shot failed to produce a goal.

The 1-1 draw lasted until the whistle of normal time, forcing the match to proceed to extra time of 2x15 minutes, but 30 minutes later both teams failed to score and the gold winner had to be decided on penalties.

In the shootout, Sweden took the first turn and their opener Asllani found his shot hit the post, while Fleming's execution rounded Lindahl. 1-0 to Canada.

Nathalie Bjoern successfully equalized to make it 1-1. Meanwhile, Ashley Lawrence's kick was pushed aside by Lindahl. The score remains 1-1.

Olivia Schough put Sweden 2-1 up on the third kick. Meanwhile, Vanessa Gilles' shot hit the post, making the score 2-1.

Anna Anvegard failed to score for Sweden on the fourth kick. Likewise with Adriana Leon from the Canadian camp.

On the fifth kick, Caroline Seger failed to seal victory for Sweden after her shot bounced. Deanne Rose saved Canada on the fifth kick, making it 2-2.

In sudden death, Sweden's sixth kicker Jonna Andersson was parried by Labbe. Canada's sixth kicker, Julia Grosso, scored a goal, securing a gold medal for her country.